Your City Government is working to keep you informed. We plan to use this website to provide you with information about your city and it's government. We will publish information about current and future activities in and around your City. And, most of all, do our very best to keep you, our citizens, up to date on the latest efforts to make The City of Lake Bridgeport the best it can possibly be. We hope you will join us in these efforts. Feel free to email us with your suggestions.
About Us
Our city on the lake is a small, but comfortable, and good place to
live. Our residents numbered 372 in 2000 but has grown considerably since then and continues to increase.
We have a Mayor/City Council form of Government and all are unpaid elected officials.
The fishin' (when we have water) is good as is life in our town.
Office Hours
City Officials
Municipal Court
9am - 3pm
Mayor, Ramon Galvan
Sherry Pewitt
Daniel Cocanougher
Andy Smith
Diana Vargas
Earl Foster
City Secretary: Wanda Vick
Judge,Michael Hazel
Code Enforcement Officer, J. D. Vick
Court Clerk, Wanda Vick
Contact Information
You may reach us at the City Hall office at:
301 South Main Street
Lake Bridgeport, Texas 76426

Office Hours:
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
9AM to 3PM
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City of Lake Bridgeport City Hall.